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Originally founded by Alex Corvey, in March of 2017 In Cleveland, OH. The idea of using Ceramic Pro stemmed from Alex's previous occupation as a first mate on a luxury yacht in the Caribbean that had Ceramic Pro installed on all surfaces. Before Ceramic Pro was installed, it would take him 6-7 hrs to wash/dry the entire yacht. After Ceramic Pro was installed, his wash/dry time drastically decreased to 2 hrs. Ceramic Pro worked so well he decided to pursue in his own business to install this quality product on vehicles here in Ohio, where the mucky waters of our rivers, salt from the roads during the winter, and extreme weather conditions can be harmful to the paint on your car, and/or boat! With our eye for the smallest details, and hard work ethic, not only do jobs get done fast, but they get done right! A2 Finishes' mission is to provide excellent customer service, while perfecting and protecting your valued investments with Ceramic Pro. We can not be beat when it comes to your satisfaction!


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