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Protect Your Investment!

You just bought a new vehicle and really love it! Whether it's a car, truck or boat, it's natural for you to want to keep the paint looking brand-new for as long as possible. But there are evil elements out there that can, in an instant, easily ruin that pristine look. For road vehicles, those diabolical components include salt, sand, rocks, pebbles oil, insects and miscellaneous liquids. On the water, your mode of transportation-whether it be a sailboat or yacht-are susceptible to sea salt, oil, weeds, grass, slime, algae, barnacles, mussels, bacteria, sea squirts, tube worms and more. Gross, right?! That's where from A2 Finishes, northeast Ohio's Ceramic Pro headquarters, comes in! The company's mission is to provide excellent customer service while perfecting and protecting your valued asset. Ceramic Pro is a multi-layerable, clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating that, when cured, transforms itself on the surface to a permanent, durable yet flexible shield. Think of it as a clear coat of paint with three times the hardness and self-cleaning properties. The idea of using Ceramic Pro stemmed from A2 Finishes' founder Alex Corvey while he was a first mate on a luxury yacht. Before the yacht had Ceramic Pro installed on all of its surfaces, Alex toiled six to seven hours to wash and dry the yacht. After Ceramic Pro was installed, however, the time was slashed to two hours. Who can dispute that kind of proof? For your road vehicle, this new face of coating technology offers protection against water damage, UV rays, oxidation, corrosion and a resistance against scuffing and marring. On the cosmetic side, Ceramic Pro gives your vehicle permanent gloss and shine.

To find out how the certified installers at A2 Finishes can protect your road or water vehicle with Ceramic Pro, call 216-785-5526 or send an email to

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